Landscape Depot offers two options for outdoor fireplaces.  

The first option is we'll design and build a custom fireplace to your specifications.  The second option is to buy a fireplace kit and we'll assist you with the design.

The fireplaces can be finished with your choice of stone products ranging from cultured stone, bluestone, thin stone, natural stones, stucco or brick.  

Fireplaces can be free standing or part of an outdoor kitchen and include wings for the wood storage.

Theis fireplace look from FireRock. This product includes firebox,

smoke chamber, and two or three feet of chimney.Additional

chimney available. 

This fireplace allows for an arched opening when using manufactured stone or thin veneer material. 

  Outdoor Oven

 This outdoor wood-fired

 oven can be seamlessly

 integrated into any

 outdoor kitchen.  Made

 from the same insulating

 materials as our fireplaces

    Outdoor         Fireplaces

Outdoor wood or gas fired ovens are also available and can be incorporated with the fireplace or kitchen.  

                                       A photo of the FireRock oven is shown below:

Additional chimney available.