We offer a complete line of indoor and outdoor pre-engineered masonry fireplaces and chimney systems. These systems fit together easily with an all masonry foundation that supports any mantle,veneer, stone, stucco or other finish. These systems are safe and reliable and can be either gas or wood burning. Fireplace install in less than a day, cost approximately 50% less and have a 3000 psi compressive strength.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor fireplaces we offer indoor and outdoor pizza ovens. The Landscape Depot also offers several options for fire pits, from do it yourself kits to custom designs to complete installations.

                     Please visit us and let us show you all of the options in fireplaces, fire pits and ember kits.

Contact us about a fireplace from the list below to learn more about the fireplace that is right for you. All of our fireplace kits are approved to burn wood or gas, and they can be installed with a masonry or metal chimney.

 This bestselling kit

fits together to form a

traditional fireplace with

an angled back for better

heat reflection 

With a taller opening for larger fires, this style is great for homes with high ceilings

A traditional style fireplace

that doesn't require special

structural support and can

be installed on a

combustible floor system

This style allows for the

architectural beauty of a

fireplace in two rooms with

only one flue. Also available

in Vent-Free